An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States

FR Marketing is a Swansea based marketing consultancy which delivers ‘Marketing with Intelligence’.

Our range of marketing support is delivered for SMEs across South Wales and beyond.

We can work on small scale, one off, projects or provide on-going support for a business.  Our external perspective and wide knowledge help us provide clear direction and deliver action-based solutions.

By agreeing what you want to achieve at the outset, we can ensure we deliver our support in a way which meets your specific needs.

We try to be straightforward, practical and pragmatic in our work for clients.  We aim to avoid jargon and the use of too many TLAs (three letter acronyms), although they do occasionally slip in!


Our People

The core FR Marketing team is made up of Fiona Rees and Karen Ward, with extra support provided by Helen Atkinson. 

Our clients have told us that we are “flexible and responsive”,a joy to work with” and “professional and approachable”.  Find out whether you agree by working with us on your next marketing challenge.  Get in touch today

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Fiona Rees - Director

Over the last 30+ years working in Marketing, Market Research and Management, I’ve built up a wealth of experience of different industries and business challenges.

What I’ve learnt over that time is that the core principles of marketing are the same, whether you’re a Blue Chip multinational or a small entrepreneur, whether you’re targeting other businesses or consumers.  What’s different is the scale and nature of the challenge, the level of understanding a business has and the resources that are available.  Whatever your business size and sector, it’s important that you have the right information available and that you use every asset at your disposal to work towards your goals.

I’m a maths graduate and I love numbers, but I see them as a tool which we can use to help guide decisions and not enough on their own. I never forget the importance of gut feel… if it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t right. 

What I enjoy most about FR Marketing is the people in the businesses we work for and with. Achieving positive outcomes for our clients and seeing the impact of the help and support we provide for them and their businesses, is the best feeling ever.

You can read more about my background and experience on my LinkedIn Profile, or give me a call for a chat about the challenges you’re currently facing.

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Karen Ward - Marketing Executive

For me, one of the best things about being a part of FR Marketing is that we are a true team, with each of us bringing something different and worthwhile to the table. Because Fiona and I have worked together, in different guises and on a wide range of projects, over a number of years, collaborating is enjoyable and rewarding.

Whilst we have shared values in how we work and how we deliver great outcomes for clients, our personal, complementary, strengths enable us to consider an issue from a variety of angles. My own experience in the energy and business support sectors, and of working in sales as well as marketing, is particularly useful in helping unpick some client challenges and in finding workable solutions to put forward.

On the practical side, I have a good eye for detail and for picking up anomalies and inconsistencies. I’m keen on getting grammar and punctuation right, while making sure that copy is written in the most appropriate way to speak to a target audience.

If you’d like the full story on my background and experience, then please have a read on LinkedIn

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Helen Atkinson - Research Assistant

Whilst I’m happy to turn my hand to whatever is required – an essential attitude in any small business – my role at FR Marketing is focused around on-line research.  This can be reviewing a client’s website and social media activity, looking into competitors, tracking down helpful information sources, finding appropriate images, or looking for news stories about a business or an issue which will help shed light on a project. 

The work is always interesting, and I love the fact that my knowledge of different companies and industries has grown enormously since I started.  I enjoy the challenge of researching a business sector which is completely new to me and using my different perspective to add value to a project.

My background in recruitment, employment and education, together with detailed knowledge of the development of a local manufacturing company, give me a different viewpoint to Fiona’s and Karen’s, so I’m very much part of the team helping identify and delivering solutions for our clients.

Read more about my background and experience on LinkedIn