People need maintenance and upgrades even more than machines do.
Retraining is maintenance. Training is an upgrade. Development is the next generation model.
— Clancy Cross, author of Professionalism from A to Z: 26 Qualities of a Career Minded Person
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Your challenge

You have someone working for you in a marketing role who is relatively new to marketing or inexperienced and no-one internally who can support and train them, review their work or guide their activities.


Our solution

Lots of smaller companies don’t have dedicated marketing staff, it’s just a part of someone’s role. They still need to achieve results for the company but may not have the experience or a framework to guide them.

Where there is someone whose job is dedicated to marketing, it’s often just one person, employed at a junior level within the company.  If you don’t have someone senior with marketing skills, it can be easy for that individual to feel isolated or unsure of where to focus.

Attitude and willingness are all vital ingredients but supporting these individuals with professional knowledge and guidance will really enable them to develop and perform.

Our Personal Mentoring service can support people in these positions through regular weekly or monthly sessions, which can focus on some or all of the following:

  • Planning marketing activity

  • Practical delivery

  • Setting goals and reviewing performance

  • Reporting on impacts

  • Bringing marketing thinking into the wider activity of the business

  • Working with sales/business development

  • Latest marketing thinking

  • Strategic marketing

  • Formal training

Between the regular meetings, we are available to support the individual with advice on specific issues or as a sounding board for ideas.

We’re personable and experienced in helping develop individuals and their skills, so why not try us out?

When we start a Personal Mentoring relationship, we always ask for a briefing on your company, including details of the people involved in marketing, sales and business development.  This will help us tailor our advice and support to suit your particular circumstances.

Generic advice

There are lots of articles in our advice and guidance section which people tasked with marketing may also find useful.

As well as being easy to read and put into practice, they’ll also give you an idea of our approach and thinking.

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