Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.
— Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist at Hubspot (inbound marketing & sales platform)
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Your challenge

You don’t have the information you need about your customers, your competitors or how you are performing to help you make important decisions about your business or your marketing.


Our solution

Whilst gut feel is always important, having soundly based information to support your decision making is critical to getting it right.

The first step is always to identify what you need to help you, either generally or with a specific issue or challenge.

Once you know what you need, we can make recommendations on ways in which you can fill in gaps in your knowledge – by changing or adding to your systems and procedures or by undertaking ad hoc market research.

There are two areas which we look at:

What’s already there… or could be

In our experience, companies often have valuable information sitting within their IT systems which they don’t use.  Equally, there are opportunities that are available through the day to day operations which could be used to gather information, but this isn’t done.

We can assist by

  • Looking at the information you have available through your systems and procedures, through generic or bespoke market research

  • Identifying opportunities for you to gather information by making simple changes to the way you interact with your existing and potential customers, suppliers and networks

  • Analysing your data to extract information in a way which can help you

  • Setting up regular reporting procedures and information report styles which will help you use the information you have

New information to be gathered

Not all the information a company needs is available already or simple to gather just by adjusting your systems and procedures.  Sometimes you need specific information to help answer a pressing question or fill an important gap.

We can assist by

  • Designing, undertaking and interpreting bespoke market research projects, both quantitative and qualitative

  • Liaising with a market research company on your behalf to ensure you get the information you need

  • Helping you design and undertake your own quantitative market research

We’ve put together some helpful posts on market research in our Advice and Guidance section,

so it’s worth checking those out if you want to do some of this yourself.

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