In any given moment we have two options:
to step forward into growth or step back into safety.
— Abraham Maslow, American psychologist who was best known for creating Maslow's hierarchy of needs
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Your challenge

You want to grow your business or sustain your profits in the face of tough competition, but are not sure what your options are, or which one is best for you.


Our solution

There are various ways in which you can grow your business.  Identifying which single approach or combination of routes offers the best potential for success is what we aim to deliver.

We split our work into phases, with review sessions at key points.  A typical project would involve the following:

  • Completing a full baseline analysis and report on where you are now, including

  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) assessment done with you and your staff

  • Review of your marketing assets – skills, knowledge, collateral, etc

  • Market sector assessment – for which we usually ask you to provide the core information or direction on information sources

  • Competitor analysis

  • Identifying your competitive advantage – what your customers or target audience want, which you offer that your competitors don’t (or don’t do as well in some relevant way)

  • Meeting to discuss the analysis, any issues and the options available to you

  • Drafting a marketing strategy which will show a route map to take you from where you are now to where you want to be

  • Developing an outline marketing plan to turn that strategy into achievable delivery, based on the time and money you can commit

This type of project should be seen as a significant investment by you.  It’s not a quick piece of work and will require a chunk of your time to help us get it right. 

If you want to take this in stages, however, or focus on specific aspects, then we can tailor our delivery to suit you.

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